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  • The 147th Attack Wing Looks to the Future

    The history of the 147th Attack Wing has been one of constant evolution. The wing has operated over 10 platforms since its inception, but the focus remains on the airmen.In keeping with this history, the 147th’s shifting of focus from "Conversion" to "Future Missions" is indicative of both the

  • Helping Airmen Stick to Medical Readiness

    Every facet of an Air National Guard wing is centered on preparedness for deployment. It can be easy to forget the value of each Airman's individual role. One particular mission seems to consistently stick within the mind of Airmen throughout the year - Immunizations and Lab work.The 147th Medical

  • Mission First People Always

    When I started to write this article, I wasn't quite sure on how to approach it, and then I remembered a question that was asked of me prior to my departure: "Now that you are 'officially' wearing the diamond, do you think people will see you in a different light?" At the time this seemed like an