147th Mission Support Group

The 147th Mission Support Group manages people and resources in support of the war fighter to ensure that all personnel are ready and able to deploy in support of contingencies and exercises anywhere in the world. The group is comprised of the 147th Civil Engineer Squadron, 147th Communications Flight, 147th Logistics Readiness Squadron, 147th Mission Support Flight, 147th Security Forces Squadron and the 147th Services Flight.

147th Operations Group

The 147th Operations Group oversees all operations pertaining to the flying mission of the wing.

The 111th Attack Squadron flies the MQ-1B, Predator Remotely Piloted Aircraft . The MQ-1B Predator is a medium-altitude, long-endurance, unmanned aircraft system.

The 147th Air Support Operations Squadron provides terminal control for weapons employment in a close air support scenario integrating combat air and ground operations.

147th Maintenance Squadron

The 147th Maintenance Squadron is responsible for the maintenance of the MQ-1B Predator. Peacetime activities include humanitarian missions, training and providing well maintained, highly mission capable aircraft for tasking.

147th Medical Group

The 147th Medical Group ensures that the personnel of the Texas Air National Guard, and others as designated, are medically qualified for flight duty and world-wide deployment. The 147th MDG provides medical services supporting unit wartime tasking, state emergencies and natural disasters.

Contact Info

ID Card/Deers:

(719) 317-2381
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Family Readiness:
(281) 929-2056

(281) 929-2678

Base Exchange:
(281) 484-5892

Military Service Records:

(281) 929-2225

Public Affairs Office:

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