Helping Airmen Stick to Medical Readiness

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Shawn McCowan
  • 147th Reconnaisance Wing Public Affairs
Every facet of an Air National Guard wing is centered on preparedness for deployment. It can be easy to forget the value of each Airman's individual role. One particular mission seems to consistently stick within the mind of Airmen throughout the year - Immunizations and Lab work.

The 147th Medical Group takes advantage of all wing members' ongoing need to get blood work accomplished to practice their profession. Even a newcomer with the wing clinic has numerous chances to contribute to the Wing's readiness.

Senior Airman Anissa Testaverde, a 147 MG medical technician, is one of the team members responsible for administering blood draws. She was quick to point out that their training is vital for both the medical technician and the visiting Airman. During a recent Unit Training Assembly (UTA), she spent part of her weekend drawing blood for necessary tests like a screening for the biennial Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

"Although it's a standard test in the military, it is an incredibly important part of individual medical readiness, as well as a vital test for the well-being of our Airmen," said Testaverde.

As many as 50 Airmen may visit the lab on a UTA weekend, and both technician and patient get one step closer to mission readiness with each appointment.