Celebrating a Legacy of Leadership: Attack Wing welcomes new Commander during Change of Command Ceremony

  • Published
  • By Mr. Sean Cowher
  • 147th Attack Wing

The change of command ceremony is a long-standing tradition that signifies the transfer of responsibility and authority from one commander to another. During the ceremony, Maj. Gen. Thomas Suelzer, Texas Adjutant General, received the wing’s guidon from Col. Camacho as he relinquished command and passed it to Col. Walters, symbolizing the transfer of authority. This symbolic gesture was accompanied by a salute from the wing’s personnel, “This is a great day for the Air National Guard as an absolutely brilliant leader takes the reins of the 147th Attack Wing”, said Suelzer.

Col. Camacho has served as the commander of the 147th Attack Wing for the past two years and has been instrumental in the leading the wing through a challenging period. Under his leadership, the wing received two Meritorious Unit Awards, saw one of the largest Wing overseas expeditionary deployments, and the largest state active-duty mobilizations in Texas history. “Col Camacho, as we move you out of command, I’m proud to say the 147th Attack Wing is in a great place today,” said Suelzer.

In his farewell address, Col. Camacho thanked the Airmen of the Wing for their hard work and dedication and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as their commander. He also recognized the importance of the Wing’s mission and emphasized the need for continued innovation and improvement in the years to come.

Col. Walters, the incoming commander, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position, having served in a variety of leadership roles throughout his career. In his address to the wing, Walters spoke about his vision for the future of the 147th Attack Wing and outlined his priorities for the coming months and years. He emphasized the importance of training and readiness and pledged to work closely with wing personnel to ensure that they have the resources and support they need to meet the demands of both state and federal missions.

“I will labor tirelessly alongside you, work to secure the resources you need to accomplish the mission, listen to and value your ideas and feedback, fly with you and learn from you, support your growth and development, foster a culture of dignity and respect for all Airmen, and always strive to make things in this wing better for you,” said Walters. “Whether you fly, fix or support… whether you are a drill status guardsman, active duty, technician, civilian or dependent, you are critical to the execution of our state and federal missions.”

The change of command ceremony was a testament to the strength and resilience of the Texas Air National Guard, and to the enduring tradition of service, excellence, and integrity that has defined the 147th Attack Wing for generations. The Airmen of the wing are proud to be a part of this great organization and are looking forward to working with Col. Walters as he takes on this new challenge.

As the new commander of the 147th Attack Wing, Col. Walters is poised to lead the wing into a bright and exciting future. With his experience and commitment to excellence, he is well-positioned to guide the wing through its next chapter and ensure that it remains the Premiere Attack Wing in the Combat Air Force. The Airmen of the wing are eager to support him in this new role and are looking forward to working with him to achieve his vision for the Wing.