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  • 147th ASOS, RC-26, Coast Guard work to perfect response capabilities

    Preparedness is key.With the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season underway, the 147th Air Support Operations Squadron tested their response capabilities in a joint hurricane response exercise with the wing's RC-26 aircraft and the U.S. Coast Guard's Eurocopter HH-65 Dauphin June 7, 2014, at Galveston

  • Air Guard chaplain’s promotion makes state history

    He picked her up for their first date in his white Trans Am with its distinctive red interior. The white and black screaming chicken showcased proudly on the car's elongated hood. His 8-track player pumped out the lyrics to "Dust in the Wind" by then popular musical group, Kansas, while he and his

  • 147th ASOS exercises war-fighting capabilities domestically to save lives

    Calling in an airstrike and ensuring bombs are delivered on target in combat is the essence of what Tactical Air Control Party members do, but those capabilities were put toward another use - locating survivors of natural disasters and directing aircraft to those individuals to save lives

  • TACPs go back to basics in skills training exercise

    It looked as if he was walking through the trees in the thick Texas woods.   The branches gave when he marched through them as if they weren't there.   He broke the ones that resisted.   The land navigation exercise was just one part of a weeklong skills training that Tactical Air Control

  • They're all in it together

    Piercing radio frequency interrupts the chatter in a small tent.   Instinctively, a supply noncommissioned officer jumps up and grabs the handset and listens intently to the message.   A sequence of eight digits is relayed, hidden amongst the crackling radio static. The NCO then repeats the

  • Wing tests wartime readiness

    Members of the 147th Reconnaissance Wing participated in an Operational Readiness Exercise here at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base, Houston, Texas, April 1-6, 2014. An exercise evaluation team assessed the members on their ability to ensure operational readiness in a simulated war-time

  • TACPs complete 9 jumps in Fla.

    Avon Park Air Force Range, Fla. -- There's an art to ejecting yourself from an HH-60 Pave Hawk, traveling at about 86 miles per hour from 1,500 feet in the air. But each of the men who prepared to jump mastered the skill. After receiving a tap on the back, it was go time.  Each member pushed

  • ASOS sharpens skills in Florida

    AVON PARK AIR FORCE RANGE, Fla. - There is no room for error, and accuracy and timing are everything. With almost any occupation, training is integral and maintaining proficiency is imperative; however, for tactical air control party members, being proficient in their jobs can mean the difference

  • Airmen restore vets' home

    An Airman with the 147th Reconnaissance Wing needed help with critical repairs to a Vietnam veteran's home, so he turned to his wingmen and they answered, volunteering time and skills to the project. Tech. Sgt. Klaus Riel, a 147th Vehicle Maintenance technician with the wing, works with Rebuilding

  • Airman's donation can save infants life

    Five thousand four hundred and fifty-nine miles. That is about how far one good deed can go. In 2005, while getting a physical at Andrews Air Force Base Tech. Sgt. Ryan Erickson, a member of the 147th Reconnaissance Wing, was asked if he wanted to register to be a bone marrow donor. His answer was