ANG’s 147 ATKW Recruiters meet goals through innovation.

  • Published
  • By Mr. Sean Cowher
  • 147th Attack Wing

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, 147th recruiters have consistently met their goals by finding pioneering ways to recruit that have departed from the previous models of visiting local high schools and other events to meet with military potentials.

The 147th ATKW is the top recruiting office in Texas with the most accessions, and the senior enlisted leader in charge credits her team with the success. “Our success is a combination of efforts of the team working above and beyond,” said Master Sgt. Christina Morrison. “Every single one of these recruiters has gone over their goal, and they haven’t stopped. Just that self-drive to find events and innovative ways to communicate with the public about the wing and the Air National Guard.”

The recruiting team is also using ingenuity to find potential applicants, “We recently teamed up with the Texas Army National Guard recruiters and participated in a Savage Run,” Morrison said. “We are looking at ways to increase our visibility and build foundations in the community.”

Sgt. Morrison and her team are also looking to recruit not only new members but also retain them once their service contract is over. “If we do a really good job in the forefront with our applicants to help them find the right fit within the Wing then it will help with retention”

To help with retention, Morrison implemented section visits that allow the applicant to choose two to three Air Force careers of interest and meet with that section’s airmen and supervision.

In addition, she spearheaded using more convenient technology for applicants to digitally sign paperwork at home instead of physically coming to the recruiting office.

Since Houston is one of the largest cities in the country, it holds diverse recruiting potential. By actively increasing visibility and working with the National Guard Bureau, the 147th recruiters hope to open a second office on the north side of the city soon. “With a population as large as we have in Houston, having another location more convenient to people that live and hour away from Ellington Field would be beneficial in our efforts to let more people know that there is an Air National Guard unit here,” said Tech. Sgt. Maurice Harrison, 147th ATKW Production Recruiter.

Morrison also credits the successes they’ve had with Wing leadership and the support roles the squadrons play in recruiting efforts. “Recruiting is a team effort, where the recruiters work with and rely on other squadrons and groups in the Wing such as the Force Support Squadron and Medical Group,” Morrison said.

ANG recruiters have a mantra: “part time blue, full time you.” At the 147th, recruiters take this slogan seriously by actively educating people on Guard service opportunities that allow for military members to live near their families and local communities.