Grounded on Values, New Commander sets the direction for 147th Attack Wing

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Vincent Pfeifferling
  • 147th Attack Wing

As the U.S. Air Force evolves against a dynamic enemy, the 147th Attack Wing continues to lead by example through the commander’s strategic guidance.

Complacency is never an option, not with an enemy as quick and fierce as the one we continue to face in this day and age. Today’s challenges demand that we adapt before the dawn of tomorrow, according to Colonel Andrew Camacho, 147th Attack Wing Commander.

With nearly three decades of service, Colonel Camacho, who has served as interim Commander since February 2021, is charged with leading over 1100 Airmen. He released his strategic guidance to the wing following his Assumption of Command ceremony on August 6, 2021. “My priorities and objectives enhance and support my vision of staying on the cutting edge and remaining the premier Attack Wing in the Combat Air Force,” said Camacho.

The wing earned a Highly Effective rating in the “Accomplish the Mission” sub area and overall Effective rating during a recent Capstone Inspection. “Seeing the team come together at such a high degree to execute our mission proved we are the premier Attack Wing in the Combat Air Force. We demonstrated our collaborative ability to be lethal, innovative, diverse, and supremely effective in our unwavering defense of the Constitution of the United States and the people of Texas,” said Camacho.

Based on Camacho’s strategic guidance, the wing’s mission is to ‘organize, train, and equip Texas Citizen-Airmen, immediately ready to execute state and federal missions in any domain.’  

Colonel Camacho has made the Wing’s priorities Family, Mission, and Future. According to Camacho, by prioritizing family life, executing the mission, and looking to the future, the wing will remain viable and serve our nation and state in to the future.

“Airmen are the lifeblood of the 147th Attack Wing,” said Camacho. Still, Camacho isn’t just focused on his airmen, but also on the family that supports them. “Every leader should put their people first. An Airman will not be effective if their home life isn’t taken care of, which is why family is my number one mission priority, because without them, we cannot execute the mission.”

“We're trying to set the wing posture to maintain viability to last another 100 years and beyond, so that is where the mission is tied to the future,” said Camacho, who underlined the importance of being ready, reliable, and relevant as the wing continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the present and future. “Great weapon systems are not sufficient for the United States to maintain its position in the world. Great nations remain on top because of their people and their ability to think forward.”

Camacho’s strategic guidance also laid out four tactical objectives for the wing: Texans First, Full-Spectrum Readiness, Community, and Innovation.

‘Texans First’ is listed as his first tactical objective to emphasize the wing and its members. “We are Texans both in unit membership and in state ownership, and we are all proud to serve our state and country as Texans.” Camacho is focusing on getting his Texas Airmen the resources they need, so they can focus on completing the mission. “It is one family coming together to complete the mission collectively under one name, the 147th Attack Wing, and we are doing it very well.”

To ensure full-spectrum readiness, Colonel Camacho believes that every Airman must be combat-ready, capable of executing the mission of the 147th Attack Wing expertly and flawlessly against peer and near-peer adversaries. “If we have to pick up and go to war tomorrow, we have to be ready to execute the goals and requirements of our nation’s defense. From PT to PME, we need to be ready to fight,” said Camacho.

“Another tactical objective is strengthening our relationship with communities. Most recently, we went through our COVID deployment,” said Camacho. He explains civic-minded Airmen help strengthen the wing’s relationships with local, state, and federal partners. “Interactions within local communities help foster collaborative efforts between Airmen and their fellow Texans,” said Camacho.  

Airmen must be dedicated to innovation by optimizing resources and pursuing improved methods to ensure successful missions according to Camacho. “We need to think faster and more effectively on mission execution,” said Camacho.  He plans to push the envelope by empowering young airmen to solve problems and improve efficiencies with their new and innovative perspectives. “The way we've done things should not always be the way we do them. There are better ways of doing things to achieve our mission…and a lot of innovative ideas are going to come from our young Airmen,” said Camacho.

The 147th Attack Wing provides MQ-9 Reaper armed-reconnaissance, Tactical Air Control Party, RC-26 counter-drug program, weather, medical and mission support capabilities to combatant commanders at home and abroad.